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French designer Alexandre.J is one of the most talented and creative masters of the early 21st century. He is distinguished by his unique vision of beauty, bold ideas and inspired creativity. His fragrances, created in collaboration with the perfumer Amelie Bourgeois, are the epitome of luxury. Using noble, rare and valuable materials and ingredients, he managed to create unique olfactory compositions, ideally combined with the sophistication of design and beauty of the bottle.

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Alexandre J

Alexandre.J is a contemporary French designer. An iconic artist, an enthusiast of modern and ancient art, a dedicated humanist and travel lover, he defines himself as "an explorer driven by the desire to constantly push the boundaries of his creativity to the limit." Paintings, sculpture, graphics, music, travel ... all this created and nourished the history of Alexandre.J. His unique vision of the world has breathed new life into fashion and beauty - two areas in which all the secrets of art lie. Bold, talented and driven by extraordinary inspiration, Alexandre.J is one of the most famous designers of the 21st century.

Possessing a unique creative spirit, Alexandre.J wants to share with everyone his vision of the world, which he perceives as a work of art, as a harmony of colors, forms and images, possessing a powerful emotional force, revealing, sometimes for brief moments, the secrets of human life.

A French artist deeply attached to his country, Alexandre.J delves into other cultures in order to find other creative paths, which then his imagination turns into new worlds. This dandy loves to share his stories through his words, notes or colors. Possessing a thirst for knowledge, he constantly wants to learn. Each new experience is an opportunity for deep exploration, as this perfectionist seeks to understand the methods used by other artists so that his ideas can be perfectly realized.

History and Philosophy of Alexandre.J

Alexandre.J is the most mysterious figure in the perfumery world: he prefers to remain incognito. His portrait are his creations. In 2012, Alexandre.J launches its perfume brand, announcing that in creation he frees himself from the codes of traditional perfumery in order to offer his vision of beauty: an alliance of prestigious packaging and exceptional fragrances. Alexandre.J fragrances are infinitely sublime creations that break down all barriers and ideas about this art form. The master rejects perfumery as soulless industrial production at a frantic pace thoughtlessly following the trends of current fleeting fads. He refuses to compromise and, thanks to his special taste and sense of beauty, creates unique compositions that are timeless and fashionable, causing a storm of emotions. His inspiration is felt throughout the creative process. From the first touch to a scent to the creation of a perfume miracle, this architect of materials and feelings always strives to surprise.

Alexandre J

Alexandre J

The art of perfumery.

Each Alexandre.J fragrance reveals a wide range of olfactory notes, perfectly balanced in a unique composition. And although the search for the perfect balance is a slow and painstaking process, the master does not go away from solving problems and denies compromises, because the main thing that matters is the olfactory sensations. It uses rare, valuable raw materials and expensive, noble ingredients.

The epitome of high art and true craftsmanship, the Alexandre.J bottles, like the perfume, are unique and elegant, displaying great design and handcrafted art. Alexandre.J creates bottles for each of her fragrances using the finest materials such as crystals, mother-of-pearl, enamel, leather, wood... the skillful hands of an artist can turn everything into an object of admiration.

Alexandre.J perfumes

In creating his perfume masterpieces, Alexandre.J reinterprets the concept of fragrance and turns it into a symbol of luxury. Perfume compositions, as a rule, combine the banal routine and incredible extravagance, incomparable with many other fragrant bouquets, and become a symbol of elitism and exclusivity.

All lines are presented in the brand's products - men, women and unisex, they harmoniously combine sensuality, subtlety, luxury, grace.

The main concept of the brand is simple and clear - love is in everything, always and everywhere. With this yardstick the artist approaches to the creation of his unique perfumes. Thanks to his talent and skill in transforming fragrances into art, Alexandre.J has become one of the preeminent perfumers of the 21st century. And this consummate master of luxury perfume already has a loyal audience of amateurs, connoisseurs and collectors of perfumery.

Alexandre J
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