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Emilie Bouge, the founder and perfumer of the French brand Brécourt, is the heir to the owners of the once famous perfume house Bruno Court, which even supplied its products to the Russian imperial court. In her work, she skillfully combines tradition and modernity, exclusivity and quality, new sensations and emotions. The rich palette of the brand's aromas combines sophistication and sensuality, mystery and originality. They are especially popular with young people, as they radiate the energy, enthusiasm and audacity inherent in youth.


Brecourt Paris - creativity and aesthetics.

"I dreamed of my job and was vain enough to think the opposite is true too. Through Brecourt, I wanted to explore the fuzzy contours of polysensory formulation, finding something and losing something. Olfactory emotions replace the words that are imprinted in us, but one day they suddenly appear and burst out.

If olfactory emotion is a subtle mixture of scent, person, and context, then I consider context to be the most important emotional vector. It calls to mind all the memories of other senses: it was my main source of inspiration. Therefore, I have placed all the places and all the special moments in the bottles to highlight the individuality of those who can enjoy it. Because to smell is to explore humanity from the inside."   Emilie Bouge

Brecourt history.

The French niche brand Brecourt was created in 2010 by the efforts of two Bouge sisters, Émilie and Marie-Eugénie. They were born and grew up in Grasse and from childhood were surrounded by the mysterious world of perfumery. And the very name Brecourt is paraphrased Bruno Court - the name of a perfume house founded in the 19th century and owned by their grandfather.

In the duet of the sisters, Marie Eugenie was the art director, and Emilie was the "nose". She is no stranger to perfumery: she previously worked as a perfumer for Charabot. Creating her brand, Emily set herself the goal: "... to convey to people my passion for perfumery, a passion for rare, exclusive and high-quality fragrances, the ability to express eclectic individuality and endless search for new perfume sensations and emotions...". And she succeeded. She combines the highly artistic side of her work with questions of the rationality and feasibility of her designs. In the process of creation, Emilie Bouge reinterprets classic fragrances and tries to create new perfumes as perfectly as possible. She creates intuitively, without analyzing fashion trends and marketing research and is based only on her own feelings and emotions.



Brecourt philosophy.

Brecourt is a close-knit team of several perfumers who share the desire to preserve the know-how passed down from generation to generation. The workshops are located in the city of Grasse, the world's cradle of perfumery, for this reason included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. They have deep knowledge, are well versed in the diversity of perfume ingredients and choose the highest quality, rare and noble raw materials in order to recreate the olfactory connection that unites humanity with nature as accurately as possible.

The Les contextuels collection presents fragrances created around a specific emotional theme, as if in order to reveal its sensitivity, enhance the strategy of seduction, offer elegance, emphasize its influence or release its sensuality. The Les éphémères collection is the result of a fine workmanship on extremely rare materials that are used almost exclusively by Brecourt. 

The art of perfumery.

Brecourt is not a mass perfumery, not an ordinary aromatic accessory. Selective perfumes were never intended for the average consumer. This is the fruit of the flight of imagination of talented modern perfumers, exclusive fragrances for true lovers and connoisseurs, created so that everyone can find something of their own in them. They are characterized by a rich composition, impeccable durability and a magnificent unforgettable sillage. Perfumes from Brecourt embody real sensuality, manifested in the smallest details, which are incredibly combined with the harmony of taste and beauty. Each fragrance has its own character and its own history, they are made exclusively from the highest quality ingredients. The famous perfumer Jean-Marie Santantoni took part in the creation of many of them. It sounds trite, but Brecourt aromas can be compared to expensive French wines or Impressionist paintings.



Brecourt perfumes.

The elegant masculine fragrances of the brand embodied the aspirations of women who dream of meeting a strong and self-confident irresistible noble handsome man. And every interesting and extraordinary man, confident in his consummation, will easily feel the scent of love, adventure and success in the smell of Brecourt perfumes.

Brecourt perfumes for women have exquisite and sensual fragrances, full of subtle charm and mystery that are inherent in real feminine beauty. A rich palette of aromas attracts connoisseurs of good perfumes with an individual character and temperament. Avenue Montaigne is a perfume for stylish, purposeful girls who dream of a dizzying career. Farah - for a loving, sensual nature, not deprived of the attention of a strong half of humanity. Ambre Noir is a love potion that no guy can resist. Eau Trouble is for intellectuals who can sit all day long with a book. Eau Blanche is for romantic natures who fly in the clouds. L'Amoureuse is a youthful perfume, perky and impulsive. Agaressence is a mysterious fragrance, sweet and contradictory like the real Orient. 

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