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The Mancera perfumery brand was created in Paris in 2008 by the famous perfumer Pierre Montale by order of the Al Athar company, one of the largest distributors of luxury perfumery in the Gulf countries. Pierre Montale himself took an active part in the creation of the fragrances. The main driving idea of ​​the perfumer was the creation of powerful, concentrated and persistent fragrances that would simultaneously satisfy the tastes of both oriental perfume lovers seeking to combine the aromas of the East with the sophistication of the West, as well as European fans of intense oriental scents. And the idea was brilliantly implemented.


Mancera History.

In 2008, the owner of Al Athar approached a group of designers and perfumers, including Pierre Montale, already well known by that time for his Montale collection, with a proposal to create a new brand of artistic (niche) perfumery. In the same year, Pierre Montal founded the perfume house Mancera, which marked the beginning of a unique collaboration between the famous father and his daughter. In 2017 Amelie became the creative director of Mancera and began to actively promote this project. Father is an avid traveler to the Oriental countries with a great store of knowledge that he managed to get in the most secret corners of the workshops of local perfumers. She is a photographer and a talented artist with her own special vision, passionate about art deco and in love with fragrances, surrounded by which she grew up next to Him from early childhood. The purity of olfactory design and the geometry of graphic art gradually merge in the course of their work and transform into magnificent elixirs and crystal bottles, becoming masterpieces that delight people and stand the test of time. This family creation is a synesthetic, visual and olfactory dance, a journey to the edge of distant lands, where myths are born and the future is drawn. In the works of Pierre and Amelie Montale and in the Mancera fragrances, Western and Eastern inspirations are combined.

Mancera concept - at the crossroads of east and west.

Since the inception of the brand, its philosophy has been based on the desire to create an intense, moderately concentrated oriental perfume that would appeal not only to the modern Arab clientele, which is increasingly leaning towards Western design fragrances, but would also appeal to European lovers of oriental fragrances. Therefore, Mancera perfumes deliberately differ from typical oriental perfumes and offer a brilliant olfactory symbiosis.

The Mancera perfume line is an aesthetic and spiritual journey through the corners of your own hidden desires. Carefully assembled and connected with each other, the most refined and rare components make up an unknown and wonderful world - a world of incredible exclusive aromas, exquisite sophistication, secret desires and undisguised sensuality. The peculiar and very exotic Mancera fragrances, created by the synthesis of unique ingredients and often combining seemingly incongruous, amaze with truly animal, sexual magnetism. 



Art Deco inspiration.

In its perfumes Mancera offers a typically French aesthetic of an eccentric, extraordinary perfumery as a result of the perfumer's inspiration and perfectionism. Pierre Montale dreamed of creating an ideal perfume line that would be associated with the purity of the perfect scent, the richness and beauty of the bottles and the exquisite style of patterns. He brought his vision of French elegance into perfumery. To add oriental luxury to contemporary creations, he applied his own understanding of color and shape and used gilding, leather and mother-of-pearl trim, and the precious wood of Macassar ebony in decorating perfumes. Solid heavy glass bottles Mancera, representing a synthesis of Art Nouveau, Neoclassicism and the luxurious and mysterious Art Deco style, are made of crystal by the Italian manufacturer Luigi Bormioli.

It's no secret that Pierre Montale always wanted to bring both his brands together so that perfume lovers could share with him the joy of making his "olfactory oriental dream" come true. Since May 2015, the Mancera collection has been presented in the luxurious Montale boutique near the Champs Elysees, and now fans of the master's work can enjoy all of his daring author's creations at the same time. And this is truly a great place for thrilling experiences that will take you on a journey through the beauties and wonders of the magical world of perfumery from Pierre Montale.

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