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The new (2014) perfume brand Moresque has rapidly burst into the elite of the niche perfumery. The brand's slogan is "High perfumery meets Arabic art." Moresque fragrances combine the romance and charm of the East with the innovation and quality of the West and represent an amazing symbiosis of form and content, the sophistication of modern Italian design and the traditions of ancient Arabian perfumery. They are distinguished by the highest quality perfumes and stylish, elegant bottles that amaze with their beauty and perfection and are truly works of art. Moresque is classic and style, elegance and luxury.


Cindy Guillemant – founder and director of Moresque Parfum.

"A woman can always count on two of her qualities: sensitivity and accuracy. In the world of luxury perfumery, both are needed. Nothing will work until something evokes emotions and is thought out to the smallest detail."         Cindy Guillemant

The birth of the young perfume brand Moresque Parfum took place in 2014, when Cindy Guillemant decided to open her own niche perfume business. From the very beginning, her main idea was the desire to combine refined Italian taste and Arabian charm in her work. To do this, she began to create bottles of amazing beauty. And as it usually happens in perfumery, her meeting with the perfumer Andrea Thero Casotti was decisive. It turned out that they both have similar ways of perceiving things and similar points of view on the critical approach to the concepts of creativity. Their shared passion for contemporary art and the world of perfumery led them to a fruitful collaboration at Moresque Parfum and, as a result, their methodical, hard and creative work has brought great results. 

Moresque philosophy.

The philosophy of the brand is based on the desire of the company's perfumers in their creativity to seek and find new dimensions of beauty, to make the most of innovative approaches and ultimately to create unique products, paying attention to the smallest details in order to obtain perfect and timeless fragrances that would satisfy even the most discerning perfume lover. The main idea behind Moresque Parfum's creations is a harmonious synthesis of form and content, aesthetics and essence. Its fragrances pay tribute to the richness and luxury of Moorish art and combine the long tradition of oriental perfumery with the glamorous Italian charm. It is a hymn to the sophistication of oriental perfumes and the skill of Italian perfumers. The design of the Moresque flacons is minimalistic and presents an attractive contrast between the absolute rigor of the lines and the richness of the details.

The Moresque Parfum perfumes combine taste with elegance and turn into superb sophistication. 


Parfums de Marly

Perfume house Moresque Parfum.

Perfume house Moresque Parfum is located in Milan. And its name alone (moresque means Moorish style) clearly defines its direction. Moorish culture has left its traces in many places in southern Europe, and the perfumery of the Orient is still considered the best in the world. A young company from Milan, focusing on the creation of oriental fragrances, immediately set a very high bar for itself. And we must say, holds it with dignity. The outstanding quality of her fragrances is evidenced by the fact that they were highly appreciated in the Middle East.

Leading perfume authorities admit that Moresque perfumes are distinguished by deep content, multifaceted magical sound and most importantly, unsurpassed and always inviting oriental flavor. At the same time, it cannot be argued that Moresque perfumes are purely oriental compositions with ancient traditions. Every connoisseur of high-class fragrances will be able to sense the influence of modern trends in any of them, which makes the sound of any fragrance even deeper, richer, more intense and truly irresistible. Add to this the grace and thoughtfulness of Italian design and we get, without any exaggeration, classics, elegance, style and luxury in one bottle. 

Moresque fragrances.

Any of the Moresque fragrances is truly a masterpiece of perfumery art, combining the timeless splendor, grace and mystery of the incomprehensible Orient and captivating with its visual and olfactory richness.

“Creative, original, sensual, graceful, captivating, mysterious, orientally fabulous” - reviews of Moresque perfumes are so enthusiastic that anyone want to immediately try them and feel for himself how sound the perfumes, in which Arabic motives and Italian passions are harmoniously combined. 



Moresque Parfum fragrances offer more than just an olfactory effect: they take us on an educational journey of a world of perceptions from two continents, with the perfect balance between design, sophistication and prestige.

Moresque creates a fantastic synergy: it combines the rich and luxurious scents of the Orient with Italian sophistication. The brand's name and identity draws inspiration from the splendor of Moorish civilization and architecture. The beautiful bottles contain truly amazing perfume. 

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