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This choice is not at all such an easy task as it might seem at first glance. After all, the aroma becomes a part of you, and only the correct choice will make your image integral and unique. To get started, here are some tips that might help you. Let's start with the classification of perfumes. Their composition is almost identical - alcohol in various concentrations and a mixture of aromatic substances, the difference is only in the proportions of the components.      

Fragrance concentration


Eau De Cologne (EDC)  -2-4% fragrant substances in alcohol 70-80%.

Eau De Toilette (EDT) - 5-15% fragrant substances in alcohol 85%, lasts 2-3 hours.

A large number of fragrances exist only in this concentration, especially for men's perfumery. If we compare eau de toilette and eau de perfume of the same line, then eau de toilette has a number of disadvantages: weak durability, less interesting smell, but there are also attractive points: affordable price, variety of formats (from 30 to 100 ml).

Eau De Parfum (EDP), Parfum De Toilette (PDT) - 15-20% aromatic substances in alcohol 90%, lasts 3-5 hours or more.

Today eau de parfum is the most popular type of perfumery. It has the best value for money - the concentration is higher than that of eau de toilette and the price is lower than that of perfume. It is at the top of the line for most manufacturers, as very few of them release their fragrances in the form of perfumes.

Perfume, Parfum, Extrait - 20-30% of aromatic substances in alcohol 90%, lasts 5-10 hours or more.

The top of the pyramid. Due to the increased content of the extract, they have a much greater strength of aroma and its durability. And since there are no miracles, then the price is appropriate. 

If everything is more or less clear with this classification, then we move on to the next question, knowing the answer to which will greatly facilitate your task of choosing a perfume. It would be great if you decided in advance in your preferences. After all, the world of fragrances is rich and varied and it will take you a lot of time to find your ideal perfume that is harmonious with you. But experts do not recommend trying more than 5-6 odors at a time. Therefore, it is advisable that you have an idea of ​​which (but there will not be many of them) category of fragrances you prefer and this will help you to reduce the variability of the choice and make it quick and correct. If you already know with confidence what you want, because we are talking about your personal taste, your individual style, your perception, your premonitions and expectations, then welcome to our niche perfumery stores in the Czech Republic, as well as to our online store... However, if you are a humane person, try to take into account the opinion of your partner or work colleagues. And one more thing - before going to the store, try not to use perfumes in order to feel the smells better.

So you're in a perfumery store. Shop assistant usually  offers paper blotters for testing. This is convenient, but only at the beginning of the selection. Apply several fragrances you like to the blotters and breathe them in. But don't be in a hurry and never be guided by the initial notes, they may be almost similar in different fragrances, because they have a lot of alcohol vapors. Wait for 8-10 minutes and you will feel the full, although not the final spectrum of the aroma, not only the top notes, but also the heart and base notes will touch you. It is possible that you may be that rare lucky person who will experience bliss from the very first breath. Although, in general, acquaintance with the fragrance on a blotter is similar to acquaintance with a person on the Internet. The reality is revealed only after testing the perfume on the skin, just on your skin, because its smell and chemical processes occurring on its surface will influence the character of perfume evaporation. On different people, the smell of the same perfume can differ, sometimes quite significantly.

testovací proužky

It should also not be forgotten that the fragrance reacts to the warmth of the skin, which helps it to unfold, so it is important to apply it in the right places. The best places are behind the ears, temples, wrists, inner folds of the elbows, the hollow between the breasts, the lower abdomen. Naturally, not all of them are convenient to use in a store.

Pay attention to what type of perfume you have tried: eau de toilette, eau de parfum, or perfume. Different types differ in intensity and persistence, and sometimes in the nature of the smell.

When you taste a new scent, wait a few minutes for it to slowly unfold. Do not rub it after application, let it "come alive" on your skin and evaporate naturally. Remember that it is very important not to rush! Wander around the store, take a walk down the street. You will have the opportunity to evaluate the persistence of perfume, besides, in the fresh air, the perfume can manifest itself differently. Remember that you are choosing a niche perfumery. If it seemed to you that the fragrance was too unusual for you, or even more, at the first moment you did not like it, do not reject it right away, give both him and yourself one more chance, and it is quite possible that in a few minutes it will “bloom” on your skin. 

Great fragrances are recognizable by the almost physical shock you feel when you first meet them. Don't be intimidated by the shock of meeting a radically new scent. Let him lie down and calm down and it is quite possible that it will become your favorite! Although it can happen the other way around - after opening, notes that are not too pleasant for you may appear in it. Therefore, let it completely open up, get used to it, listen attentively and if you are surely comfortable with it and you are satisfied with everything in it, then this is it, YOUR FRAGRANCE! But never stop your choice on a scent that makes you at least a little uncomfortable, because there are so many others... Well, having chosen several your own fragrances, learn how to wear them correctly. They may and should be different depending on age, time of the year and even time of the day. For men, everything is a little more universal, although, of course, they also have their own nuances, so basically these tips apply to women.

It is prudent to apply fragrances according to the time of the day. Morning scents should be unobtrusive, delicate and soft, in the afternoon - joyful and invigorating - oceanic, floral, fruity, citrus, and in the evening the time for perfume comes - you can boldly "put on" sensual, exciting aromas with pronounced notes of musk and amber, these aromas are more complex, tart, persistent, with a sillage.

vůně v závislosti na ročním období

Your scent can change from season to season: in the warm season light aromas are more logical, in winter - heavier ones. In spring and summer, you want freshness, therefore, the appropriate aromas are chosen - citrus, the smell of the sea, grass, and in autumn and winter - brighter and more impressive.

When choosing fragrances, they are also guided by age. Young girls prefer light and sweet compositions, older ladies prefer more classic aromas - oriental, floral, chypre. Your own feelings will help you make sure that you have made the right choice. A correctly chosen scent, moreover, applied in moderation, you will not feel on yourself. Truly, your perfume is felt only on the first day of acquaintance, then it becomes akin to you and is perceived by the body as the norm. And you, in fact, begin to engage in altruism, delighting others with your aroma and experiencing pleasure from the effect produced.

Of course, choosing your own scent is not an easy task and will require a certain amount of time and efforts. But, having made the right choice, you will smell and exude magical, delightful fragrance, delighting yourself and giving pleasure and positive emotions to those around you.

Pick up a collection of fragrances for yourself, each time trying to find a fragrance that matches your worldview and suits your mood. And do not be conservative, do not get hung up on any one scent - dare, seek, do not be afraid to strive for novelty. Take every opportunity to discover something new and interesting. After having tasted something new, you can not only use it successfully, but also creatively combine it with a long-known and beloved one, giving your image new colors. It's never too late to return to tradition and a new scent, like a new passion, will bring you not only new sensations and emotions, but also new joy in life.

If you would like to personally familiarize yourself with the fragrances offered by our online store and perfumery stores in the Czech Republic, you will find us in Karlovy Vary, and soon in Prague.

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