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M.Micallef was founded in 1996 in Grasse, one of the most picturesque places on the French Riviera, where the atmosphere itself inspires inspiration and creativity. And very soon it took its rightful place among the best niche brands in the world. The creative union of Martine Micallef as a designer and artist and Geoffrey Nejman as a financier and perfumer has shown itself in all its glory. The splendid fragrances of the company, bottled in hand-decorated bottles, are art objects and a true embodiment of "French luxury" and are very popular everywhere.


M.Micallef history.

The Maison Micallef perfume house is one of the undisputed leaders among the manufacturers of selective perfumery of the highest level and one of the most beloved brands of niche perfume lovers. The starting point for the creation of the company can be called the acquaintance of two creative and very talented individuals in the early 1990s in a small but very famous town near the French Riviera. This is the city of Grasse - the unspoken perfume capital of the world. The very aura of this place creates a flair of sophistication, romance and, of course, love, to which all the most beautiful things in the world owe their birth. So Maison Micallef became the fruit of love and passion of the charismatic Geoffrey Nejman and the fragile Martine Micallef. Soon after they felt mutual feelings and a community of creative views, they began to think about creating an exclusive perfume. He is a composer and creator of fragrances, she is an artist who encloses his olfactive music in bottles she created and painted with her own hands. Their feelings, emotions and joy of life are reflected in every fragrance they create.

Geoffrey Nejman was the Chief Financial Officer of a French perfume company in Grasse and at the same time possessed an excellent sense of smell, which allowed him to become a perfumer, when one day he realized that his sense of smell was "a gift from above", left his previous job and immersed himself in the creation of fragrances. Martine Micallef owned a beauty salon and devoted all her free time to her long-standing passion for design, painting and sculpture. She had an excellent sense of beauty and incredibly refined taste, which later allowed her to create such exquisite bottles for fragrances that made people anticipate their splendor even before the divine nectar burst out of the atomizer in a gentle cloud.

Today Geoffrey and Martine live and work together in Grasse and make their dream of creating perfume works of art come true. Their love and passion, as well as the beauty and charm of these places and the entire Côte d'Azur have become an excellent background for the creativity of one of the most luxurious perfume houses in the world. The couple also travels a lot, especially in the Middle East, where they draw inspiration for their fragrances. 

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M.Micallef philosophy.

The philosophy of the M.Micallef brand is based on the avant-garde idea proposed by a creative couple: to give an exclusive perfumery a worthy "frame" in the form of unique bottles, hand-painted and decorated with crystals. “We work with passion and love to create a fusion of Art and Fragrance,” says Martine Micallef.

One of the main reasons why M.Micallef products are very highly appreciated by both amateurs and professionals of perfumery is the use of mainly natural raw materials, the highest quality ingredients and original methods of their combination. Preference is given to flower and fruit essences, essential oils, extracts of rare herbs, shrubs and trees, aphrodisiacs. According to Geoffrey, precisely because the compositions contain a large percentage of natural substances, their price is quite high, and you have to pay for the quality. But on the other hand, natural components have a beneficial effect on a person, balance his mental attitude and harmonize the perception of the world around him. 

Madame Martine and her perfumers.

The story of M. Micallef would be incomplete without mentioning another person who has played and continues to play a very prominent role in the history and development of the company. In 2019 Martine says about him: "We admire our perfume mentor: our "nose" - Jean-Claude Astier - has been working with us for the last 22 years, skillfully bringing our ideas to life." This renowned perfumer joined the work shortly after its start and very quickly, in collaboration with Geoffrey, became the "olfactory architect" of M.Micallef's creations. Jean-Claude's task in this duo is to bring the composition to perfection. Subsequently, he participated in the development of most of the fragrances for the perfume house. Jean-Claude Astier is one of the few perfumers who know how to work with classic Arabian fragrances, making them authentic. He succeeds in creating complex oriental fragrances that are understandable to all perfume lovers.

The company also employs new young perfumers appearing in the perfumery sky of our time - talented, energetic, full of stunning ideas.

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Perfume masterpieces.

M. Micallef Perfume House creates unique, luxurious and incredibly beautiful creations. M.Micallef perfume is an amazing combination of divine scent and art, stylish, delicious fragrances and exquisite bottles. Each M.Micallef bottle is a small art project. It can be studded with rhinestones, decorated with polished wood or a real clock that counts down the moments of happiness.

The brand is one of the most worthy representatives of the French Haute Parfumerie, standing out for its exceptional quality, wonderful aromatic compositions and exclusive collection bottles. His perfumes can be regarded as the benchmark for quality and prestige in niche and high-end perfumes.

Amazing fragrances M. Micallef give their owners charm and irresistibility, sensual attractiveness and brightness. Among the connoisseurs of perfumery, these perfumes are considered fragrances for the elite. M.Micallef products have become synonymous with French luxury and are represented in many shopping malls, the most luxurious perfume shops and M.Micallef's own boutiques around the world. 

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