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"Perfume is a natural and living substance in which the maceration process continues. The fragrance purchased today will continue to gain strength and expressiveness during storage. Time and maceration are the secret of the elixir."           Pierre Montale

Montale is one of the most popular and extraordinary perfume brands in the world. Its founder - Pierre Montale - lived and worked in Saudi Arabia, creating perfume masterpieces for the "powerful". Returning to Europe, he embodied his oriental experiments in original perfume compositions, the uniqueness of which lies in the fact that the master creates his perfumes from high-quality natural materials and concentrated essences, with particular emphasis on oud, which he calls "the tree of the gods and the royal elixir". All this contributes to the powerful intensity and exceptional durability of the fragrances, which are also protected by an opaque aluminum bottle. Montale is an oriental perfumery tradition framed by contemporary luxury. The perfume is believed to have aphrodisiac properties.

Pierre Montale

Montale is a journey between East and West.

Fate favored Pierre Montal, when the perfumer at her will at the beginning of the century found himself on the Arabian Peninsula. Inspired by the beauty and mystery of the enigmatical East, studying ancient recipes and improving his perfumery skills, he simultaneously created wonderful olfactory compositions, successfully experimenting and realizing himself in working with expensive and rare natural ingredients.

Returning to his homeland in France in 2003, the master created his own perfume house and presented the first creations under his own brand. The charming and very unusual Montale fragrances combine bright temperament, strength and luxury of the East and grace and elegance of the West. Fans appreciate them for their rare blend of oriental spicy scents and extracts of rare plants and precious woods. And connoisseurs of beauty will be also pleased with unusual bottles made of aluminum, which protect the wonderful fragrances from the damaging effects of sunlight and look very original.

Montale - a new sound of old notes.

Among the most popular Pierre Montale fragrances, the fragrances based on oud, the main ingredient in traditional oriental perfumery, undoubtedly stand out. Probably today there is no other perfume house that would use these raw materials so consistently and would have the same amount of oud aromas as Montale. Oud is an oil obtained by distillation from the resinous secretions of an agar tree of the species Aquilaria Agallocha, which are formed as a result of the tree's defense reaction against a parasitic fungus growing on it. It is this oil that is used in the production of perfumes. Pierre Montale, impressed by the endless variety of oud and the possibilities of using it in combinations, was probably the first European perfumer to give it such great attention and create over a hundred timeless fragrances. Being incredibly delighted with roses, which according to many experts, are as like as oud one of the key ingredients in perfumery, Pierre Montale, for even greater sensuality and originality, adds various types of roses from France, Bulgaria, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia to his compositions. Their delicate, expressive and recognizable aromas are associated with the scent of real oriental gardens. 



Very important place in the brand's fragrances belongs to vanilla. Its seductive, sensual and intimate scent is traditionally indispensable in oriental perfumery. Montale offers over 10 scents centered around Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, considered the most beautiful vanilla in the world.

Pierre Montale highly appreciates and often uses orange blossom, jasmine and tuberose in his work. They represent sun and light and give compositions depth, richness and sheer femininity. Basically, all flowers are grown in Grasse, a city that symbolizes perfumery.

In the luxury perfumes of the brand, you can often smell bergamot and other citrus fruits, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, lychees, which are also the most important ingredients in Montale perfumes. Fruits bring sweetness, acidity, freshness and help create a sensual and sexy perfume for both men and women. And of course, enveloping and enchanting musk, amber, patchouli, vetiver and sandalwood are indispensable, which, being fragrances in themselves, greatly enhance the perception of other ingredients. 

Montale - masterpieces inspired by the beauty of the Orient.

The uniqueness of the works of the French master lies in the fact that Montale perfumes resemble oriental attars - traditional Arab perfumery, which does not use alcohol, but only mixtures of various aromatic oils. They fit perfectly on the skin and unfold very differently and individually.

Montale's magnificent fragrances have made the brand one of the recognized leaders in the niche perfumery and are well-deservedly popular with fans. Men's perfumes are a symbol of luxury, high status and excellent taste, they sound stylish and noble, they have royal grandeur and aristocratic sophistication. The perfumes, composed for the fair sex, are an extravaganza of sophistication, charm, grace and luxury that bewitches, beckons and creates an incredibly sensual image.

Montale perfumes are a unique olfactory immersion in olfactory perfection with eyes closed with delight. 

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